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GROWMARK is a regional cooperative whose roots date back to 1927. GROWMARK Energy offers a complete line of energy products for nearly every type of operation. Our proprietary fuels containing performance additives are growing rapidly as users experience the benefits of using the latest in fuel-additive chemistry. Our value-added services such as Price Risk Management, Electronic Payment Systems, and marketing support help our customers stay profitable in a competitive industry.

Businesses that span across multiple counties or state lines can take advantage of our national accounts office. As a subsidiary of GROWMARK, Inc., our national accounts office was created to make your life easier and streamline operations. Instead of working with as many as 30+ extra vendors, you work with ONE.

Refined Fuel

Our Real Strength is our reliable service and supply

To supply your fuel needs, GROWMARK Energy works with over 50 different refined and renewable fuels suppliers. In addition, we own and operate 6 mid-continent, refined fuel terminals and market fuel from 150 terminals across 23 states. GROWMARK ships and trades refined products on 9 major pipelines, too. When we post a terminal fuel price, you can depend on us to have the fuel amply supplied at the rack.


We can supply our customers when others can’t

As the 4th largest propane retailer in the U.S., not having a reliable supply isn’t an option, especially when temperatures drop and demand spikes. Our supply plan includes relationships with major refiners, processors, and pipelines in addition to storage positions at major hubs. When other suppliers renege on contracts, pipelines are at capacity and supply is tight, our infrastructure makes the difference.


Lubricants from growmark are proven performers

GROWMARK blends and backs a full line of high-performing lubricants for nearly every application. Our lubricants are manufactured in our own facility using the highest quality base oils and state-of-the-art additives. We offer private labels, custom blending, and used oil analysis services.

United Lubricants

Fuel Additives

Who has time for downtime? No one.

Our additives meet or exceed performance specifications that OEM’s prefer. We have raised the bar for detergency, purity, lubricity, and other performance-related characteristics to make engines run better with fewer long-term problems.

Cetane Express


Bulk Supply with better pricing

GROWMARK utilizes a network of nitrogen facilities and supply points throughout our geography to take advantage of economics to ensure competitive pricing. Bulk and packaged products are available.

Price Risk Management

Protection against Volatile Markets

Markets change, sometimes rapidly. Our price risk management experts send out updates to alert our customers

Electronic Payment Systems

Our Merchant Support is 24/7/365

Reliable, competitively priced payment acceptance solutions. Detailed online reporting make reconciliation fast and easy.


We have equipment for nearly every operation.

GROWMARK Energy offers a complete line of equipment in the petroleum, propane, lubricant, diesel exhaust fluid, and maintenance paint industries. From tanks, pumps, filters, hoses, regulators decals, and maintenance coatings, we have it all.


Our relationship with key players in the industry, our strategic positioning on major pipelines, and our direct ownership of terminals and storage ensures our customers have security of supply. Instead of working with as many as 30+ extra vendors, you work with ONE. By managing all your invoices, we help you become more efficient. You get the best and most reliable service, the most dependable supply, and the most transparent pricing for easy reconciliation.

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